Pendulum | Nuno Teixeira

Pendulum by Nuno Teixeira is first and foremost a clean, delightfully simple reinterpretation of the grandfather clock of old. The designer states ‘Pendulum works as an ordinary pendulum wall clock, with a perpetual movement provided by the magnetic mechanism. Since no double weight-driven movement is needed, the clock is lighter and easy to install.’ Here is where there needs a little more explanation I think. Dissenting comments that I have read have doubted the feasibility of this ‘provided by the magnetic mechanism’ stating that it is not a viable alternative to the double weight. I just don’t see this. Or at least I see a possible solution.

© Nuno Teixeira

Could it not be that the same battery which powers the LEDs that backlight the hands+pendulum, also powers an electromagnet, which turns on and off when needed? The pendulum passes by the magnet and it turns on, giving it a boost by repelling a conventional magnet imbedded within the pendulum? This is not definitely what powers it, but it seems to me that it could and should work.

All and all, nice clock.