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London is soon going to get its first pedestrian and Cycle Bridge. It is planned over river Thames and is meant to connect the financial area of Canary Wharf in the North to the residential area of Rotherhithe in South. The bridge is around 184 meters long and will open at the center so as to allow the boats to pass through. The whole setting might also act as an elegant gateway for the ships to the city of London. It is also only now since 1894, that an opening bridge is being built in the city.

Courtesy of reForm Architects

Courtesy of reForm Architects

“People working at Canary Wharf and travelling by bike or foot from the south will no longer be faced by lengthy detours to Tower Bridge and Greenwich Foot Tunnel or the undesirable passage presented by the Rotherhithe Tunnel,” said the architects.

ReForm Architects, a London based firm is leading this project. They are working alongside the firm Elliot Wood which is mainly responsible for its engineering design.

The founder of ReForm Architects, Nik Randall is expecting this bridge to become a significant part of the whole setting and may also enhance the cultural and heritage value. His target is to encourage the public to cycle to work who might never ever have considered it before!

Courtesy of reForm Architects

Courtesy of reForm Architects

“Our design will do this, creating an internationally recognisable landmark. Its unique and elegant form and operation will become an attraction for visitors. It will enhance the views along and across the Thames, providing scale and interest in the way that the ships on the river itself do.”

The suspended cables connected to the angled upright elements are responsible for lifting the central openable portion of the deck. The openable portion is pivoted to the structural supports at its extremes. The upright masts swing down into the gaps between the tracks when the setting is in the open mode.  Around 100 tonnes counterweights are also embedded in these masts itself so as to avoid the need for bulky enclosures in different parts of the structure.

Courtesy of reForm Architects

Courtesy of reForm Architects

“The feasibility study has been produced in response to significant demand in south-east London for a pedestrian and cycling link to the north of the city, which would serve to cut commuting times and congestion on other parts of the transport network and reduce pollution,” said the architects.

Gary Elliot, director of Elliot Wood seemed quite excited about handling this complex and huge engineering challenge. “Not only in improving connectivity between the currently underserved area of Rotherhithe and the north bank of the river, but by offering pedestrians and cyclists a dedicated crossing that is safe and enjoyable to use” said Gary.

The project is estimated to cost around £88 million and take nearly to four to five years for completion.

By : Kushal Jain

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