Who is RedXPoison?

I’m Andrin or better known by my artist name “RedXPoison”. About 4 years ago I started to create my first photo manipulations with Adobe Photoshop. But very soon 2D art wasn’t enough for me. I started to learn 3D compatible software’s. Still I wasn’t satisfied with only creating images, and now I landed in the element of motion graphics. And that’s when I discovered my passion for audio reactive Elements. My goal is to visualize a song as good as possible. I think an audio visualization is good when the viewer gets stuck inside of the visuals and all his thoughts are concentrated on the video. Comparable to a meditative state.

Comments to the video:

When I have an Idea for a video, first of all I draw it. Drawing is always the best method to get a visual of your ideas. It’s fast and there are no limits. Then comes the choice of selecting the music. Mostly I cooperate with lesser known artists than Tipper. But this time I was very lucky, I just hit him up, he liked my concept of the video and gave me permission to use his tracks. His music is absolutely perfect for audio reactive videos. In fact it’s some of the best produced electronic music ever. It has so much depth and still there’s a clear beat. The next step is choosing the right software. There are things that just aren’t possible with my current skill level, but I always try to step it up a bit in each new video I make. Now for this video I used very vibrant colors with organic movement in it. So what I did was, I mapped the colors over this particle carpet and also let the colors control the displacement of it. So the particles move more if the color is brighter. This gives it a very organic look. The music emits a displacement in the z-axis right in the middle of the square and moves towards the edges as waves. Finally I added some color corrections and camera movements and the 15 hours render-marathon began.

Plans for the Future:

Well since about 6 months the idea of creating live visuals is stuck in my head. I’m already learning some softwares to create this, but it’s just another level that will take a lot of time to master. I’m dreaming of combining live visuals, project mapping and interactivity at the same time. Time frame: about 2-3 years.


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