Part to Whole | HG-A : LIVE COMPONENTS
Following the universe concept, which is starting from a small unit such as an atom to create tissues and construct bodies to build an environment, HG-A | LIVE COMPONENTS has designed ‘part to whole’  pixelated spiral installation placed in Korea’s national museum of modern and contemporary art.


A set of circles moving in a curve, through the 9.076 modules , to dig a volume out of the cube to create a continuous opening forming the maximum available space and the minimum amount of material, so the pattern is made of varying degrees of solid and void.

Project info:

Commission: national museum of modern and contemporary art, Korea.

Design: HG-A.

Materials: wood.

Construction: housing plus.

Sponsors: housing plus, Korea forest service.

Photo credit: kyungsub shin, all images courtesy of HG-architecture.


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