Paper Landscape Illustrations

Illusion or illustration? Estonian illustrator and graphic designer Eiko Ojala is slowly yet surely making his presence felt in the digital art world. His unique paper landscape illustrations that at first glance look like paper-cut art are, actually,  digitally created forms and shapes drawn mostly by hand.

Courtesy of Eiko Ojala

Courtesy of Eiko Ojala

In order to bring out the illusion in his creations, Ojala closely studies the forms of shapes and works closely with light and shadow. All his illustrations are kept to a minimum and according to Ojala, all the themes have a ‘healthy sprinkling’ of wit. Presenting ‘Vertical Landscape’ by Eiko Ojala in the following gallery, see if you can spot the illusion!

By: Priyanka Sha

Edited by: Zeynab Matar

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