Oil Finger Paintings | Iris Scott

Sometimes, accidents can be a blessing. Oil painting artist Iris Scott discovered this in 2009 when she found herself without a clean brush to touch up a painting and ended up using her fingers to get the job done.

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Courtesy of Iris Scott

Scott learned that she was able to create beautiful impressionistic paintings with her fingers, in a way she never could before, and fell in love with it. With surgical gloves and paint as her only tools, Scott now paints exclusively with her fingers; she has never picked up a brush since. Scott’s original oil paintings feature quaint scenes of pets, rainy days, and landscapes with a remarkably impressionistic use of color and texture.

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Courtesy of Iris Scott

Her most recent collection of paintings, “The Thailand Collection,” are a beautiful portrait of her expeditions through Asia this past December. These and other originals can be viewed at the Cole Gallery. Scott’s next big project will be “The Nicaragua Collections.”  With Scott’s passion for travel, we can be sure her future projects will be just as exciting as the others. Find Scott’s work on Colossal, Youtube, Facebook, Creative Visual Art, or visit her personal site or Etsy for prints.

By Veronica Mattaboni

Courtesy of Iris Scott

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