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With strong symbolism around organization, stability and dynamism, the newly designed building for OAMTC Headquarters by Pichler & Traupmann Architects stands out both as an architectural, and social statement. Its physical appearance is designed to evoke a sense of mobility, energy and speed [of organization]. ÖAMTC stands for Österreichischer Automobil, Motorradund Touring Club

Arch2o-OAMTC-Headquarters-by-Pichler-&-Traupmann (2)

Courtesy of  Pichler & Traupmann

Pichler and Traupmann’s mode of operation and conceptual thinking derives from the notion of radical architectural forms that defy gravity, communicate upward-sloping tension combined with rhythm and harmony. The team turns to one of 20th century’s most challenging concepts – that of the ‘flowing space’. Architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Mies van der Rohe were searching for this sort of interpenetration and interlocking between the living spaces and natural settings. Therefore, Pichler and Traupmann adopt the idea of breaking up with the tradition of old tectonic rectilinear geometry to develop the shape of a free-floating building. In terms of structure, this is achieved through the form of the building: it is both circular and star-shaped when looked at from a plan view.

Arch2o-OAMTC-Headquarters-by-Pichler-&-Traupmann (6)

Courtesy of  Pichler & Traupmann

 In the case of OAMTC’s headquarters, the architects have strived to achieve a new level in picturing the free flow in an architectural form. That is why the building has both inward- and outward-going spaces that speak of openness, mobility, and a sense of reliability. There is a sense of balance and unity present in the interior of the building – another aspect of Pichler and Traupmann’s decision to break from modernist canons and let both the interior and exterior merge together via folding planes which on the other hand structurally form interior environemnts.

Arch2o-OAMTC-Headquarters-by-Pichler-&-Traupmann (8)

Courtesy of  Pichler & Traupmann

 As seen from the visuals, the building’s articulation is split into levels, which defines the identity of the OAMTC transport company – organization and mobility. Its curvilinear character shows the architects’ concept fo challenging modern postulates further – their folding of the building structure touches the foundations of the terrain only at certain points. This technique is used for the creation of interior voids – hence, spaces for inhabitance and occupation.

Arch2o-OAMTC-Headquarters-by-Pichler-&-Traupmann (7)

Courtesy of  Pichler & Traupmann

The open circular interior environment offers transparency and clarity of communication – an essential part of the company’s identity. Its architectural features are articulated to represent the high level of services provided for customers. Furthermore, the overall architectural shape is designed to be distinguished from the block and slab-type buildings surroundings. This contrast aids with more profound understanding of how architecture matters when one’s identity is required to stand out and lead.

By Yoana Chepisheva

Courtesy of  Pichler & Traupmann

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