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We live in the information age, an age where knowledge is power. Historically the library is a society repository of knowledge. From the libraries containing clay tablets in ancient Mesopotamia to high-speed internet access of today, libraries contain information that reflect the societies that create them. The primary responsibility is one of a social interaction and social networking. The challenge is to include the idea of a social hub into a quiet place of learning, while still keeping them separate so one can’t disrupt the other, while at the same time, creating a unique condition based off material studies that can operate formally, programmatically, structurally, and spatially.

Arch2o-Noho Public Library  Aaron James Fritsch  (2)

Courtesy of Aaron James Fritsch

Material Investigation:

Heat is a form of energy that can be used to alter the physical characteristic of any subject based on its temperature. When applied to white foam, the flimsy material goes through an entirely new transformation that changes the foams materialistic properties. The foam’s morphology is transformed from a flexible white surface into a hardened, eroded material that is self-supporting due to its new topology. This new morphology creates new openings and closings, different texture, and a fragmented transparency across its surface. The morphologies are translated into a design process that uses the newly created pattern as a way to generate form and space. The pattern is simultaneously projected onto to a solid mass both horizontally and vertically. Its negative leaves highly fragmented spaces that challenge the traditional meaning of open vs. close, inside vs. outside, public vs. private, and seclusion vs. togetherness.

 Arch2o-Noho Public Library  Aaron James Fritsch  (8)

Courtesy of Aaron James Fritsch

Project Credits:

School- University of Kentucky / College of Design

Student- Aaron James Fritsch

Instructor- Akari Takebayashi

Courtesy of Aaron James Fritsch

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