Inspired by Central Park in New York, the Manhattan waterfront, and the parks of Morningside heights, European firm Independent Architectural Diplomacy (IAD) designed what they refer to as the New York breathing machine.

Arch2o-New York Breathing Machine-IAD (4)

Courtesy of IAD

Designed with sustainability in mind, the super skyscraper comes to a height of 468 meters and is geared towards linking indoor and outdoor spaces. Separated in one side of the structure, three core modules house private office and a hotel, which are interwoven by spiral pathways of public vertical gardens that serve as a ‘lung’ for the mixed use building.

Arch2o-New York Breathing Machine-IAD (1)

   Courtesy of IAD

The program of the skyscraper is contained within a gridded armature. The ventilated ETFE skin within the structural framework of the façade takes active advantage of meteorological conditions to help control and manage the temperature and direct the flow of cool air in the semi-open spaces between programmatic blocks.

Arch2o-New York Breathing Machine-IAD (2)

Courtesy of IAD

To avoid a wind-tunnel effect within the structural voids the vertical garden’s foliage made up of perennial trees and conifers offer protection. In the end these strategies along with the use of solar panels and microturbines the structure achieves carbon neutrality and a net-positive energy skyscraper perfect for uptown Manhattan.


Courtesy of IAD

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