New Book Helps You Create Paper Models for Frank Lloyd Wright’s Famous Works

It is almost a month past Frank Lloyd Wright’s 150th birthday, and we are still celebrating. The pioneering American architect had left us a legacy of architectural masterpieces, and most of all houses. These houses reveal the change and development in the architect’s style throughout his life. They include icons like the Charles Ennis House, Robbie House, and of course the Fallingwater.

Courtesy of Marc Hagan-Guirey

If you are a fan of the architect’s work, you no longer have to settle for sketching them. Paper engineer Marc Hagan-Guirey has released a new book which makes it possible for you to create miniature paper models for 14 of the architect’s famous structures. He employs Japanese paper art ‘Kirigami’, based on paper cutting and folding, to produce these meticulous light models. The book includes templates for these structures with guidelines for where to fold and cut. It also contains step-by-step instructions with illustrations.

Johnson Wax Headquarters Model – Courtesy of Marc Hagan-Guirey

With the aid of ‘Frank Lloyd Wright Paper Models,’ you can create paper models for the Fallingwater, Millard House, Robie House, the Imperial Hotel, and Johnson Wax Headquarters, among other, celebrated Frank Lloyd Wright buildings. Earlier last month, the Museum of Modern Art MoMA had announced the start of an exhibition that celebrates the architect’s 150th birthday. The exhibition displays some of the architect’s own physical models of his works.

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