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Through technological advancements and a lot of courage, we got into an age where we can virtually design and build anything. China has been on the frontline of these advancements for many years now, and we saw outrageous structures and creations that sometimes stop resembling a building of specific function. The Headquarters of the gaming company NetDragon Websoft is a bold reminder to everyone that we truly are at this age and yes, China can virtually build everything. The company’s insane Headquarters are located in the city of Fuzhou, on the east coast of China. NetDragon “Star Trek” inspired Headquarters is housed on a building that looks remarkably like one of the most iconic ships of our virtual galaxy, Enterprise NCC-1701-E, which many will recognize from the classic television series Star Trek.
Courtesy of NetDragon Websoft | Photo: Youtube video by frappermac

Courtesy of NetDragon Websoft | Photo: Youtube video by frappermac

The building has been completed in late 2014 after four years of construction and has ended up costing just over €85 million. The 43-year-old chairman of the company, Liu DeJian, is a diehard Trekkie and this is obvious to everyone I suppose. The company has reportedly contacted CBS, the show’s right holder, to acquire permission and legal rights to construct the offices based on their world-famous television series. The building is so deranged that CBS thought it was a joke by the Chinese firm at the beginning. It is the only officially licensed building designed around Star Trek’s virtual spaces and structures.
Courtesy of NetDragon Websoft | Photo: Google Earth 2015

Courtesy of NetDragon Websoft | Photo: Google Earth 2015

The six-story high sci-fi building measures a staggering length of 260 meters. Apart from the obvious exterior, the chinese millionaire placed a full-size replica of a Tyrannosaurus Rex on the interior which is modeled after the skeletal discoveries of South Dakota in 1987. The interior spaces are a mystery to the public but what we know for sure is that there are sliding doors designed after Star Trek’s ones and also slides that get people from floor to floor.
By: Andreas Leonidou
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