Architects Fuat Taşkıranoğlu, Beylem Taşkıranoğlu, Sinan Cebecigil, Celalettin Aksoy and Fulya Arabacıoğlu are the design team of BFTA for this Miracle Residence project.  Mönlinsaat Construction and Trade Co commissioned them. in 2009 and the project was completed in 2012 offering a mix use of residential units, hotel, offices and social areas with a swimming pool.

Arch2o -Miracle-Residence1 (3)

Courtesy of BFTA Mimarlik Ltd

Miracle residence consists of two 8-storey buildings, each 100 metres long. The location of the residence is strategic – it is situated on Intambul’s Asian side, Kurkoy district in close proximity to Sabiha Gokcen Airport. This geographical location plays a beneficial role for the local area. Since the Gokcen airport has been built as a second option after the Ataturk International airport on the European side of Istanbul, the architects have decided that this residential block should be considered as an experimental project through which local activity could be observed.

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Courtesy of BFTA Mimarlik Ltd

The demand for the residential block itself happens to be a result of the Sabiha Gokcen airport since there has been an increase in the demand for more local living spaces, retail areas, leisure facilities, etc.

Arch2o -Miracle-Residence1 (5)

Courtesy of BFTA Mimarlik Ltd

Therefore, the BFTA architects team has taken into account the demand for specific needs, but have also considered technical, environmental, functional and aesthetic issues. The main design element is comprised of the unique fibre cement blocks of the external cladding. Combined with the standardized windows, they create a vivid geometric composition, evoking dynamic development and diversity.

Arch2o -Miracle-Residence1

Courtesy of BFTA Mimarlik Ltd

Thus, the façade’s windows are used as focal aesthetic element from the building. Along with the social volumes – the sports grounds and the pool, the residential block of Anatolian Istanbul would attract further investment in housing and local living.

 By Yoana Chepisheva

Courtesy of BFTA Mimarlik Ltd

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