Architecture practice is both mentally and physically demanding. You are in a constant need of being creative to generate ideas and solve every emerging problem. You may need to spend many sleepless nights to get your work done on time, and then your ideas might not just work or get rejected for the most trivial of reasons. Before sensing the tremendous joy of success and watching your 2D drawings become a reality, there has to be days, weeks, and months of frustration and fatigue. So, giving up before your efforts come to fruition is a grievous mistake, but if you can’t take it, here we give you a list of mind-refreshing activities that will clear your mind and push your mental exhaustion away.


Meditation gives you the desired peace of mind by turning all your focus and attention to one thing, your steady breath, the sounds of nature, or the relaxing visual image you have created in your mind. Meditation has too many benefits among which is boosting concentration and clarity of mind. The practice of Yoga can be helpful with meditation, as some yoga poses help with preparing the mind and body. Check out this 2-minute meditation guide from Happify, explaining the basic concept.
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Physical exercise includes a wide variety of activities from which you can choose what suits you best. You can go walking, running, or cycling in the open air. You can go for a swim or do some aerobics both can be done at home or go to the gym and engage with other people. Regular exercising improves your mood and keeps you fit and confident. It can, also, enhance your memory and creative thinking skills.

3.Walk and Explore

We have previously mentioned walking as an exercise option. However, this kind of walking is different. It is more like wandering. You can choose a neighborhood or an area in your town, which you are not familiar with and start exploring it. Take its different routes, check out its architecture, and discover its hidden gems which can be a cozy bakery, an authentic restaurant, or a nice little bookshop. Knowing more about the nooks and crannies of your city or town always feels good.


Sometimes you are tired just because you need to sleep. At times like this, sleep for few hours and let your body relax, you will then wake up with a clear and fresh mind as you start work, this can be far more productive than staying up late and thinking when you are tired and barely have the ability to open your eyes. Nothing worthy will probably come out of this.

5.Socialize with Family and Friends

Your family has probably forgotten you live with them at the same house and your friends have lost all hopes of seeing you again. Perhaps now is the right time for bonding. It is time to have a proper meal with your family and see how things are going with them for a change. It is time to hang out with friends and have a good laugh like the good old days.


It is time to let the inner child in you out and about. Video games? Well, why not? And you know what is even better, make it a chance to socialize. Play board games with your family and recall the sweet competitive spirit. Go to the amusement park with friends, take the roller coaster, and scream out your stress. Just have fun.

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7.Watch a Movie

You can go to the movies and catch up with the latest cinema release, or you can check out what is on TV. There is also the option of renting a DVD. If you have some good time to spare, why settle for a movie? It is time to have your first binge-watch experience. You can watch your favorite movie series, all the parts back to back, or pick one of the trending mini-series and watch all the episode, but be careful! This can be really addictive.

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8.Read a book

Fan of fiction? Well, there is a huge variety of genres, just find the one that suits your taste and you can never run out of options. Reading can be mind-refreshing, informative, and a source of inspiration. Historical fiction can teach you about history, fantastic fiction can teach you to momentarily let go of reality, and contemporary fiction will make you more understanding of people and society.

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9.Listen to Music

Listen to your favorite music on your music player while taking a night walk in the cool air or relaxing at home. Maybe attend a concert for one of your favorite artists, or experiment with the local talents. If you can play an instrument then that is a whole new level of refreshment, and if you can’t perhaps you can invest some time in learning.

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Before you reach the point where you could break and not take it anymore, take a vacation and travel. According to the available budget and what you would enjoy most, decide on your destination. It can be inside or outside your country. Go to the beach and enjoy the sea breeze, or go on an adventure in some tropical forest. Visit somewhere completely different and experience the foreign cultures. Broaden your horizons.

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Well, there is your list. Now, you know what you can possibly do when you are mentally strained and can’t seem to focus anymore. Remember, taking a break is not time-wasting; it is what keeps you going.

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