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The building is situated directly on the coastline of the South Beach in Miami FL, USA on the axis of one of the main streets in the city. It aspires to become a horizontal monument to all the immigrants who arrived on these shores in the past and a symbol emphasizing the dynamic multicultural image of this city nowadays.

The shape of the proposed museum comes from the analysis of the connotations between two phenomenons.
The first is the external form of the object symbolises the stages and emotions associated with the migration of Latin American immigrants and emphasises their dramatic fate. The divisions on the elevation and the twisting of the entire form symbolise the enormous effort and the difficulties that various groups of people had to overcome. Irregular aggressive shapes, visible from a distance, symbolise their tragic history.
The second factor that played an important role in the formation of the building was the unique relationship with its coastal environment. One of the main inspirations for the external expression of the object was the hurricanes that appear in cycles in this location. To emphasize this in the form, the elevation resembles the image of a large sea wave. The dynamic shape of the building emphasises its importance in the area.

Courtesy of Maciej Zawadzki

The functional arrangement of the interior of the building makes references to the experience and feelings that accompanied the Latin American immigrants during their dramatic journey. Visitors get to know their history not only through displays and showcases, but mainly by the feeling of the space.
The exhibitions devoted are redistributed over large ascending areas covered with a twisting roof. These spaces evoke the idea of endlessness, emptiness and the nature of the sea, which accompanied immigrants during the entire crossing.
The exhibition hall is divided by a view and contemplation terrace pointing out to the sea in the direction from which the immigrants came from.
To make the connection with the environment stronger a raised outdoor terrace is created at the pier level.

Since the museum carries out activities throughout the year, the construction and installations in the building have been adapted to abnormal changing climatic conditions.
The building is designed to minimize possible major forces of the winds. For this purpose, the most appropriate facade materials were chosen, the building structure was formed aerodynamically and in a resistant way to high wind and water loads.
This diversified form was constructed on the basis of a module that allows the unification of design components.

Courtesy of Maciej Zawadzki

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