The melting façade. The designer explained the state of the building saying  “There were barely any floorboards, it’s very fire-damaged at the back and water-damaged at the front, and had fallen into ruin,”

Arch2o-Alex_Chinneck_plas (14)

 Courtesy of Alex Chinnek

“I like the contradiction of taking a subject that’s dark or depressing or bleak, something like dereliction which suggests something quite negative socially but also aesthetically, and delivering a playful experience within that context,” the designer explained. “I don’t think it’s a negative comment on society, it’s just trying to give society a positive experience.”


 Courtesy of Alex Chinnek

I don’t believe that the experience the designer wanted to deliver is reached. For one thing, there is a fence around the building which gives the sense that this is a restricted territory. This fence would set boarders between the people and the building not allowing them to interact.

Arch2o-Alex_Chinneck_plas (16)

 Courtesy of Alex Chinnek

The designer has reached creativity in construction. The technique used to build this curved brick wall was smart and creative.

Arch2o-Alex_Chinneck_plas (11)

 Courtesy of Alex Chinnek

On the other hand, if we would talk from the artistic perspective, I don’t feel that the “melting façade” is really melting. I see it like imitating architecture not expressing art. For me, melting should be expressed in a sense of fluidity. However, when looking at the stiff static brick façade, I don’t feel that sense. In addition, the art work missed harmony.  The whole building speaks a total different language from the façade.

Arch2o-Alex_Chinneck_plas (2)

 Courtesy of Alex Chinnek

The connection between the façade and the building itself is kind of a weak connection. It feels like just attaching the façade to the building by sticking it. I believe that art is all about harmony. The piece of art is treated as one piece even if it should express different feelings.

By Rehab Ayman Lotfy Abdel Fatah

 Courtesy of Alex Chinnek























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