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Something one does not generally expect when considering the fast food chain McDonald’s, is good design. This new branch in Batumi, however, is more than just good. It’s great. I could probably keep adding positive descriptors for the next paragraph and it still would not cover just how surprising this beautiful, -clad, faceted , with its dramatic cantilevered awning and green roof, is.

Arch2o-McDonalds, Batumi-Khmaladze Architects (11)

Courtesy of  – Photographer Giorgi khmaladze

Designed by Khmaladze Architects and completed in October 2012, the McDonalds has since become a local . The massive cantilevered overhand is covered on top with an outdoor garden visible and accessible for outdoor dining from the upstairs dining area and acts as a for the fuel , also part of the design, which sits below.

By Matt Davis

Arch2o-McDonalds, Batumi-Khmaladze Architects (9)

Courtesy of Khmaladze Architects – Photographer Giorgi khmaladze

Courtesy of Khmaladze Architects – Photographer Giorgi khmaladze

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