These creative and stunning motorcycle concepts are designed by Massow Concept Cycles, and designed by interior designer Barend Massow Hemmes. Based on the “leaper” cat logo from Jaguar Cars, Barend Hemmes has crafted this sleek and rideable motorcycle, the bike is assembled from a 1200cc Buell 97 S3 Thunderbird purchased off eBay and engineered in high-grade stainless steel and finished with ultra high gloss ebony lacquer and sports stingray skin seats.

The big cat has been renamed NightShadow and it’s perfectly street legal. Even though it’s powered by 1200cc engine the bike’s top speed is only about 50mph and looks pretty uncomfortable to ride for long distances, unless you have a true penchant for riding in a drag racing position.

These concepts are my artistic representation of the logos and in no way do I wish to deface or ridicule them. I am just showing that it’s possible to use each logo in a unique way and to incorporate them into a functional piece of machinery.”Barend Massow

  • Paul DiSpazio

    Love for you to build a bike for my company Can you contact me please

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