Lo Res Chair United Nude

I don’t believe anyone recognizes the complexity of an object in its completed form. We don’t question what makes up an elegant curve, but we still appreciate it for it’s simple gesture of making a turn. United Nude takes an interesting approach to design by examining objects the way we are used to seeing them and then deconstructing them, dialing down the resolution until an abstract form is all that remains.

The Lo Res Project looks at several objects ranging from various glasses, to shoes, and cars. In most cases the end result of scaling back the amount of detail and information that goes into visualizing the object amounts to a geometric shape. With these I can imagine a solid form of marble, or other material an artist could carve from, and reversing the process United Nude does, can begin to see how you could carve away the block and reveal the intended object.

 Courtesy of United Nude

The chair is one of the few objects in this project that isn’t pixilated to the point of becoming unrecognizable. Now I doubt the low res version of the chair is more comfortable than the original, I’d much rather prefer to sit in the first chair of the series verses the pixilated one. However as a study and a project I enjoy seeing the object go from completed to abstract instead of the other way around. As I stated before, I find it much easier to see the possibilities within a block, and how I can subtract material away in order to achieve the design I want. It is much harder I believe to see something finished and take steps back from it to discover what the initial shape was.

Courtesy of United Nude

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