Lamp 25

Here’s a lamp that is designed to ‘outshine’ its contemporaries! Sweden based design studio The Kovac family has come up with this simple yet cleverly designed circular wooden lamp called ‘Lamp 25′. Wondering why ’25’? Simply, the name is derived from the 25 circular strips of wood that make up the whole lamp.

Courtesy of KOVAK FAMILY

Lamp 25 – Courtesy of The Kovac Family

The Kovac Family “design only to make a better design.” Being fairly eco-conscious, they created this folding-unfolding LED wooden lamp which would allow them to make a smaller packaging for the product and to reduce the CO2 emissions. Unfolded, lamp 25 has a size of 30cm h  x  23cm w.

Courtesy of KOVAC FAMILY

Lamp 25 – Courtesy of The Kovac Family

Handmade in Stockholm, Sweden, lamp 25 is now available in a limited edition. All earnings from the lamp will go to the Kovac Family bio-mimicry project in the US and EU where they have been working on creating light without using electricity. It’s time to ingeniously light up your lives!

BY: Priyanka Shah



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