The intent of being minimalistic leads the artist to compose the top petals of the sculpture with using minimal color. The topside of these petals is white and the other side is decorated with a pink gradient graphic. The gradient pink graphic is made through the process of the rotation of each component of the petal in air that is blown on to the surface by fans from underneath.

Arch2o-Integrated store design  NEON team  (11)

 Courtesy of  NEON team

The forceful pulses of movement and shade that reverbs across the fixing bring attention and stop by passers as they walk past the window. Multiple approaches have been schematically planed to give a constant supply of surprise for the by passers on the street.

Arch2o-Integrated store design  NEON team  (3)

 Courtesy of  NEON team

This creates the want to loiter and skipping through the Christmas disorder as retailers assertively battle for shopper’s awareness. NEON was hired by TopShop to create a sculpture to coincide with the stores national celebratory theme of cherry blossom.

Arch2o-Integrated store design  NEON team  (2)

 Courtesy of  NEON team

The design was achieved by using an offset mass incorporated into each component. Then pulsed air from below the components cause a rotation at a designated point defined by design. The design intends the sculpture to copy the organic flow of blossoms in the wind. This creates the appearance of living elements in the shops window.

Arch2o-Integrated store design  NEON team  (7)

 Courtesy of  NEON team

The petals were created from a formed polypropylene sheet that had the printed graphic on one side and then attached to steel poles. These range in height from 500 to 2850 millimeters. Every individual constituent is fixed to a metal support frame. It is then broken down into nine pieces to make possible with easy transport and assembly.

Arch2o-Integrated store design  NEON team  (9)

To create more of an environment in the shops window, mannequins have been places on sections where the support frame is located. Connected right on top of the support frame are 26 fluorescent tubes of light. These illuminate the petals from below. Placed on the floor underneath are the 19 high powered fans that are controlled by using codes designed by the interactive consultant, Daero Ra.

By Andreas Papazafeiropoulos

 Courtesy of  NEON team

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