Hippodrome in Kyiv

In the place of the old hippodrome in Kyiv, that was built in 1962-69, is designed the new one.

There are two-level parking for 158 automobile (one level is under ground). At the site there are also public transport stop, huge green and relaxation zones.

Courtesy of Anna Kulik

Courtesy of Anna Kulik

Building contains three main zones: entertainment, restaurant and administrative.The aim was to design building that can be used not only for watching the racecourse. For that all comunication and restaurant is placed in one block, that allows to use building even if stands are closed.

Hippodrome is designed for 3200 viewers. There are three types of stand: opened, closed and VIP.
Stands start from second floor, in each floor, where stand is, there are restaurant or buffet.

Courtesy of Anna Kulik

Courtesy of Anna Kulik

Project Credit
Project Name : Hippodrome in Kyiv
Name : Anna Kulik
School : KNUCA (Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture)
Advisor :Natalia Vladychenko

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