The artwork of Guy Laramee shown here is just amazing. I’ve seen the use and carving away of books in a multitude of applications through my life, mostly while I was at architecture school. But this just takes the cake. The detail and intricacies of the landscapes and topographies created is just mind blowing. Wow. Enjoy.

Also, provided below is the artist’s statement describing the context and dedication of the works.

My mother died in 2011. I was with her when she took her last breath. In fact there was no last breath. Each breath grew smaller and smaller. I took her pulse when it appeared that there would not be another breath. I like to think that there was one last tiny heart beat, but in fact there was no end. Only a growing silence which continues now.

It was a couple of days after Japan’s tsunami. Images that devastated me. I like to think that through these images and the anxiety that they triggered in me, I anticipated my mom’s death. But I can’t be sure of anything anymore, can I ?

Everything we know, everything we did, everything we think we are, everything and everyone we love, all this will be wiped out. We would like to think that something will remain, culture, knowledge, or call it “life” if you don’t want to call it God, but of this also, we have no certitude. “No certitude” seems to be the only one we have, but even this is a concept, and concepts are the first thing to go down the drain, aren’t they ?

This project is dedicated to the mysterious forces thanks to which we can traverse ordeals.

Courtesy of  Guy Laramee

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