Clothing design and architecture are two disciplines which are linked. I can only guess at the reasons for this, but it is indelibly the case. This series of garments designed by Croation designer Matija Čop take inspiration from the techniques and forms found in gothic architecture.

Arch2o-Gothic Garmentecture-Matija Čop (12)

Courtesy of Matija Čop

Formed using a series of tabs and slots which are cut using a laser into small, rectangular pieces of soft, UV and water-resistant foam. This method negates the need for adhesives or stitching and makes the garments essentially infinitely reusable.

Arch2o-Gothic Garmentecture-Matija Čop (15)

Courtesy of Matija Čop

They can, at any time, be deconstructed and reformed into a new garment or similar or completely different form. As one glances through the different pieces, it is possible to pick out arches, rose windows, turrets, and many other referential forms.

Courtesy of Matija Čop

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