[CAIRO JUL 17 – JUL 23]

GENERATIVE MORPHOLOGIES V3.0 is a workshop intended for architects, students of Architecture and Urbanism, professional designers and artists interested in contemporary digital design techniques. The workshop presents an introduction to generative design not only in terms of relevant software tools but also in terms of the specific workflow and overall problem-solving approach, which are representative for computational design thinking. Generative Morphologies V3.0 will focus on the behavioral principles of biological systems specific to Cairo’s arid, desert climate and their translation to adaptive architectural forms through generative processes that build over time in response to their surrounding environment. Growth algorithms will be coupled with physics simulations in order to develop biologically inspired architectural systems. Participants will develop advanced analysis and design skills, applicable on various scales – from product design, through architecture to urban design. 


GENERATIVE MORPHOLOGIES V3.0 will computationally address local “tropisms”, biological phenomenon indicating growth of a biological organism in response to an environment stimulus.  The main tools for achieving the desired workflow are Octopus (evolutionary processes) and Anemone (emergent behavior). Prior to investigating the scope of the plug-ins, an extensive introduction to Grasshopper will take place, including parametric modelling basics, data management and analysis. Students will gain an understanding of different generative design workflows whereby the outcome results from a series of bottom-up rules that are constantly adapting to environmental parameters to produce an optimized response to each specific location and site conditions.


  • Understanding of nature-inspired design and adaptive architectural systems
  • Self-Assembly strategies
  • Understanding of evolutionary computation principles
  • Introduction to Rhinoceros and Grasshopper
  • Introduction to Mesh Modelling in Grasshopper from points with Coccoon and smoothness with Weaverbird.
  • Introduction to Generative Design with Anemone, Python, and Octopus
  • Rendering with KeyShot

Generative Morphologies V3.0 Workshop will expand from 17th to 23th July, 2016, at the Greek Campus, Youssef El-Gendy, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate, Egypt.


One of our participants will be served with a scholarship!

Details on DesignMorphine website.

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Andrei PAdure


Founder @ DigitalMatters

Facultatea de Arhitectură “G.M. Cantacuzino” Iasi

Antoniya Stoitsova


Member @ DesignMorphine

MSc AA Emergent Technologies and Design

MArch Civic and Cultural Buildings UACEG