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General Hospital

The 20th century is related to the phenomenon of rapid urbanisation. By 1900 13% of world’s population was urban. During the next years improvements in medicine and science allowed higher city densities. According to UN reports, the urban population increased from 220 million in 1900 to 732 million in 1950 (29% of the world’s population). By 2007 50% of the world population were living in cities. According to last predictions, 4.9 billion people or 60% are expected by 2030.

with the rapid increase of urbanism cities are not just growing in size, they also growing in complexity. Architects have always tried to solve complex problems through rationalization.

Courtesy of Mohammed Elnabarawy & Mohamed Elahmady

Courtesy of Mohammed Elnabarawy & Mohamed Elahmady

Project Info:

Project Name: General Hospital
Design Team: Mohammed Elnabarawy & Mohamed Elahmady
University: Mansourah University – Egypt

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