Andrew Prokos, a New York photographer, focuses some of his work on the Architectural works of Frank Gehry. He deconstructs his work, breaking it down and looking at it in singular sections. This allows certain sections to be highlighted, bring that to light to the viewer, as it would otherwise be missed.

Arch2o-Gehry’s Children  Andrew Prokos  (9)

Courtesy of Andrew Prokos

Looking at the work he did for the EMP museum in Seattle, which the title Gehry’s Children were given to the images produced. The images allow the viewer to gain new perspectives of the structural framework, honing their focus on the form and the raw textures used. The textures present them selves along the curve of the façade, portraying colors such as gold, blue, red and silver.

Arch2o-Gehry’s Children  Andrew Prokos  (10)

Courtesy of Andrew Prokos

Having these images, allows the viewer more time to explore and appreciate the subtle detail that the work portrays.

By Shanaire Blythe

Courtesy of Andrew Prokos

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