Future of us

Advanced Architecture Laboratory (AAL) of Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) had authorized to design a 40 meter span exhibition that rises to about 16 meter, supposed to function as exhibition named ‘Future of us’, draping the existing structure with a perforated exo-skin.

By definition, “Future of Us” assumes the future to be better, manageable and developable in regard of futuristic aspects. So, Is that what really said and done?, The elements of the exhibition itself should answer this question.

The Journey

There are elements in the exhibition where they can control how a person advances their life in the future. ― Mr Gene Tan,creative director for the exhibition

What really express the future of Singaporean public is realized under this shell structure. The user experiences a journey through six different zones to offers the visitor a chance to taste what living in Singapore will be like in 2030.

I decided to bring my kids here, to let them have the exposure to know what the future will be like, because it concerns them. ― Ms Serene Ng, public visitor

Organic Approach

From the first sight,  you can notice the homogeneous dialogue between the exhibition and its context. Part of this was caused by the choosing of neutral colored aluminium materials for the skin with the tropical trees surrounding the structure in and organic approach imitating the same experience of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Kaufmann Residence.

Courtesy of SUTD

Courtesy of SUTD

Yet when you enter the exhibition you will feel separation from the outer world, as a consequence of 11,000 triangular aluminium panels composting the skin of the shell, following a differ positions and scales generated by environmental analysis tools.

We hope every Singaporean who visits The Future Of Us will be inspired to start thinking, sharing and even (getting) actively involved in the future of ‘us’ to write the next chapter of the Singapore story together. ― Mr Gene Tan,creative director for the exhibition

By : Khalid Saeed

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