The catenary curve (also known as funicular) is the curve formed by an idealized hanging chain or cable when supported only from its endpoints, with gravity being the only force. The curve has a U-like shape, superficially similar in appearance to a parabola although mathematically the catenary curve is the graph of the hyperbolic cosine function. This type of curve appears in the design of certain types of arches and as a cross section of the catenoid—the shape assumed by a soap film bounded by two parallel circular rings.The surface of revolution of the catenary curve (catenoid) is a minimal surface,

Funicular forms have been used in experiments by a wide range of designers such as Gaudi & Otto as form finding physical experiments. The technological advancement in computation and manufacturing has taken the concept to a whole new level and brought it to the hands of plenty of designers. Now with the use of parametric models those forms can be generated through simulation, analyzed and prepared for Digital fabrication.


The topic will be developed through the workshop days developing theoretical and technical aspects of parametric and generative approaches, with a particular focus on form finding strategies based on physical simulation in order to explore the potentials of these structures through digital prototyping.


9 days Workshop | 15th-26th July (except Saturday and Sunday)

Workshop Software
Rhino3d & Grasshopper plug-in

Who should attend
Anyone is curious and interested

Basic experience in any 3d modeling software.
Participants should bring their own laptops.

Number of Participants
20 participants

What participants are expected to learn in this workshop
-Generative and parametric design strategies & tool
-Physical simulation and form finding theories
-Digital fabrication (2d cutting & assembly

350 USD

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