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Matt Emmett is a photographer who goal is to rediscover the forgotten worlds all around us. His online portfolio, Forgotten Heritage Photography, focuses on showing these sublime and abandoned places to others. The most common sight, “no entry”, “access strictly prohibited”, “Trespassers will be prosecuted” are found on the perimeter fences around many of this forgotten buildings or abandoned industrial sites.

Courtesy of Matt Emmett - Photograph by Forgotten Heritage Photography.

Courtesy of Matt Emmett – Photograph by Forgotten Heritage Photography.

To the urban explorer and photographers, these signs are the important “red flags” that serves to whet the appetite for the promise of potential hidden wonders that may lie beyond. For people like Emmett who ignores the warnings and climbs the fences, what awaits beyond is worth the risk. Because of the nature of these vast industrial spaces, the feeling is closer to alien landscape or a poignant residential setting slowing giving way to the inexorable advances of nature. It is the history behind it, and the past liveliness with sound and movement, contrasting to the presence silence and stillness that produces such immense and powerful beauty. You don’t need to know the exact history of these structures to know that history happened here.

By:Delia Chang

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