Façade Generator Infinitely Creates Elevations Inspired by Palladio’s Signature Style

If you are an architect, then you definitely know of Palladian architecture and, of course, Andrea
Palladio. The Italian architect lived during the 16th century and was active in what is formerly known as the Venetian Republic, in Northeastern Italy. Palladio’s work was influenced by the Classic Architecture of ancient Greece and Rome. He specifically adapted the principles of the ancient Roman architect Vitruvius and the 15th-century Italian architect Leon Battista Alberti.

Palladio’s architecture prioritized geometry and mathematical proportions rather than ornamentation. His architecture featured iconic elements from classical architecture like porticos, pediments, and Doric and Ionic orders. In 1570, the architect published his famous ‘Four Books on Architecture’ where he revealed nine rule-sets that define his signature style.

Taking these rules and the architect’s observable work pattern into account, programmer Paul O’Leary McCann “23” wrote a code for a ‘Building Façade Generator’ which is capable of producing an infinite number of Palladian-style façades. The generated achromatic façades vary in scale from 1-storey buildings to multi-storey structures, depending on the size of the viewer’s screen. Users can take screenshots or download an SVG file for any of the generated elevations. Here, try it for yourself.

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