The new store for Estar Moveis in Sao Paulo, Brazil is a step towards projecting their image and design aesthetic as a furniture design company onto the architecture that houses their work. It’s a bold statement on their part since the company has been around over 60 years and is now starting to drastically change its direction to fit present-day trends.

 Arch2o-Estar Moveis  SuperLimao Studio  (1)

 Courtesy of SuperLimao Studio

SuperLimao Studio designed the new structure to be a square with concave facades that are masked with hexagonal panels.

Arch2o-Estar Moveis  SuperLimao Studio  (9)

 Courtesy of SuperLimao Studio

These panels are a play on material and translucency to expose certain areas of the store for display while also manipulating the amount of light that penetrates the building during the day. Their decision to use the honeycomb pattern is for practical reasons since it fits easily into curved surfaces while at the same time maintaining a unique aesthetic quality.

 Arch2o-Estar Moveis  SuperLimao Studio  (4)

 Courtesy of SuperLimao Studio

The interior of the store is a raw display of the architecture within it; many of the supporting beams, girders, and columns are left exposed with the lighting fixtures installed directly onto them. It’s a strategic move as it would allow for flexibility within a constantly shifting store front. Also, it simplifies the interior so that the focus is directed towards the product that it houses.

By Lyly Huyen

 Courtesy of SuperLimao Studio

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