The Eden Project is a project that is quite unique in both its scale and scope. Located in Cornwall, its website describes its primary functions as:

-running transformational social and environmental projects on our doorstep and around the world

-creating unforgettable learning experiences for students

-doing valuable research into plants and conservation

-making sure we run our operations in the greenest possible way

Courtesy of Grimshaw

As part of the second phase of its development, the firm Grimshaw has designed and built a series of biomes which thread through 2.2 hectares of the site, creating massive greenhouses which are home to vast humid tropic and warm temperate zones.”]

Courtesy of Grimshaw

Both structurally and spatially, the domes are an exercise in efficiency. Constructed of hex-tri-hex double layer space frames, light-weight and easily transportable tube steel and joints rely on geometry rather than mass to create these soaring structures. The domes are enclosed with a high performance ETFE foil which maximize surface area while minimizing perimeter detailing.

Courtesy of Grimshaw

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