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3D printing is an art that draws in various mystifying at the same time simple characteristics together. Precision, perfection, finish and persona to any object that comes under its scope, a dynamic enigma!

In a world seemingly bursting with digital residues, 3D printing has made a distinct imprint upon the world because of its sophistication. Possibility is that it just might take to becoming one of the most commonly available technology in the future.

Volume.MGX Courtesy of Studio Dror

Courtesy of Studio Dror

A standing and live testimony to that is the Volume MGX developed by Studio Dror as a limited edition design for Materialise, a Belgian 3D printing Innovator, for their array of .MGX of collection. It was included to appear as an exhibit in the Bozar centre for Fine Arts’ Making a Difference / A Difference in Making, an exhibition that propagates and investigates the myriad possibilities and repercussions of 3D Printing Tech.

To understand the concept behind this unique and seemingly complex lampshade, we have to time travel a couple of steps back to understand the entity “QuaDror”.


Dror Benshetrit, an alchemist on his way to brewing a highly potent architectural potion, unceremoniously stumbled upon four L-shaped wooden pieces, each with edges cut at the same slight angle. When placed on top of one another at opposing ends gave birth to what seemingly might be the highway to the next generation of structural ingenuity.

Courtesy of Studio Dror

Courtesy of Studio Dror

These when assembled, are flat when on top of one another, free standing, they lay way to a completely unique geometry that is flexible and has has high structural integrity for starters.

Industrially applied, QuaDror opens up to myriad possibility of designs. Anywhere form microscopic arrangement to a completely new artificial planet!

Courtesy of Studio Dror

Courtesy of Studio Dror

Trestle, A frame module of the QuaDror, is a similar conjunction but with a void in between, the aggregation of this can create anything from a table to an overpass.

Courtesy of Studio Dror

Courtesy of Studio Dror

This trestle when introduced to a dose of digital parametricm, evolved into the quirky form of Volume.MGX, a prototype lampshade which if multiplied in scale, could work anywhere to from desk side shade to a chandelier installation.

Volume.MGX features over 1200 mini QuaDror structures weaved over to create the astounding single dynamic unit. This can be stretched over a lightbulb, illuminated brings the intense complex yet unbelievably simple framework of the fixture.

By: Achyuthan Ramaswamy

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