If you are planning to commission your dream house, but you are on a budget, then destiny has brought you to the right page. I know you’re overwhelmed by the luxurious mansions and villas you see on the display, but those are for the Richie-rich people.

Well, here’s good news: contemporary architecture focuses on sustainability in all design aspects. For this reason, the latest best house designs are well within your reach, believe it or not!

Read on to find how you can build your eye-popping Dream House at a minimum cost.

Think It Through!

This is the first and most crucial stage which will determine all your design decisions.

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Make approximate estimates of all your building costs. Also, understand the building process. With that in mind, make modifications to your plans to stick to your budget.

Choose the Plot Wisely!

Don’t just look for a cheap land but also pay attention to the utilities it might additionally require. In other words, you must acknowledge that costs can add up if your site needs to get cleared of trees or rocks, or if it requires an expensive drainage system.

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Preferably, look for an economical plot that has access to gas, electricity, and water supply.

Ever Heard of the Tiny House Movement?

Of course, you have! The movement is popular culture today. Smaller houses are more affordable to build and cheaper to maintain, hands down.

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Regardless of size, you would still have to invest heavily on the heating and air-conditioning, unless you follow the next instruction.

Go Green!

This means that you make your house eco-friendly. A real economic house is one that does not weary with time. To this end, use sustainable systems which can save your money over the long haul.

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With the invention of cheap technology, you should no longer worry about initial costs either.  Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), for example, are cheap plus energy-efficient.

Courtesy of Alejandro Soffia & Gabriel Rudolphy

These high-performance panels have a polystyrene core that can stand extreme temperature and heavy loads.

Go Tall If You May!

Reducing the footprint can save your pocket for bigger foundations and bigger roof. So, stick to a tiny base, but go high (2-3 floors) if you may. This way, you can keep spacious rooms while minimizing costs for plumbing and ventilation.

Courtesy of Marlon Blackwell

It is important, nonetheless, that you study local building codes to know the feasibility of this option in your place.

Go Prefab!

You don’t go to prefab houses, the prefab houses come to you. They come complete, with architectural drawings and pre-cut materials ready to assemble.

Courtesy of MAPA

Not only are these gorgeous dream houses affordable, but they also spare you a lot of mess on site. Hence, you would not have to spend extra to clean things up after construction.

You can still customize your dream house so long as it’s in a modular scheme.

Who Said Curves Are Inefficient?

When we are on a budget, we often tend to think primitive and opt for square/rectangular plans, but you sure would like a curved roofline, wouldn’t you? We have an idea for you. Go for a domed dream house! It saves money more than a cube!

Courtesy of Wittdesign

You see, spherical forms can contain a given volume in the smallest surface area. In effect, the smaller the surface area the greater the energy-efficiency and hence the lower the costs. A dome cuts your energy bills 3 times more than a box structure!

Use Local Materials!

Don’t import anything! Explore the potentials of what you have at hand.

Courtesy of CO2 Bambu

Use locally available materials to save costs!

Use Junk!

Yes, earth-friendly junk can save you loads. Search recycled materials from architectural warehouses on your browser. By and large, you can get hands on steel items, reclaimed doors, windows, panels or fixtures.

Courtesy of The Family Handyman

Packing pallets, usually destined to form a pile of junk, were used to build the Casa Manifiesto House.

Courtesy of James & Mau

The pallets are robust and waterproof with an inherent aesthetic appeal!

Spend for Quality, Not for the Frills!

If you want to build on the cheap, postpone the accessories (like door knobs and light fixtures) at the start. Seriously, you can buy the deep fryer later.

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Do not let small items eat away your costs. Rather, spend on long-lasting things, like building materials and cladding, that cannot be easily changed.

Courtesy of Tim Spicer Architects

Buy materials that need minimum maintenance. Aluminum cladding, for instance, greatly enhances thermal performance and maintain an elegant look as well.

Unpack Your Dream House!

You’re ready. Now, it’s time. ?

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