Renault unveils a preview of the concept car DeZir, the first project designed by Laurens van den Acker, DeZir. The new design kicks off a series of concept cars that will illustrate the new vision of design at Renault. It also lays the foundations for the design of future vehicles of the brand. The concept car DeZir sign the commitment of the brand to a design inspired by three key words, “simple”, “sensual”, “warm”. With its sensual lines and bright red expresses passion DeZir car. Powered by an electric motor, this sporty coupe combines environmental friendliness with elegant automobile.

“the Change and explores Renault’s styling roots to express the company’s powerful human dimension via a new strategy founded on the notion of ‘the life cycle’. This vision also builds on the bonds that are gradually forged between the brand and its customers at watershed moments of their lives, such as when they fall in love, start to explore the world, found a family, begin to work, take time to play and attain wisdom.”

DeZir, concept car by Renault. Photo Credits: P. Sautelet

The striking interior layout of the Renault DeZir is clearly split into the driver and passenger zones. The passenger is met with a very clean and smooth dashboard – which is a refreshing change to the overly complicated and increasingly technical interior designs of modern vehicles. The driver is seated in a much more focused environment, and the unique dashboard layout and center console look very futuristic.

The interior design also suggests lightness. “Love is a sentiment that lifts you; gives you wings,” says Stéphane Maïore, who was in charge of DeZir’s interior styling. “Inside DeZir, you feel like you’re floating on a cloud,” adds Stéphanie Petit, Colours and Materials Designer. The forms are soft and light, while the predominant colour is white, although there are also echoes of the same passion red used for the exterior.

DeZir, concept car by Renault. Photo Credits: P. Sautelet

The car can be charged using a conventional mains plug, and this takes around eight hours for a full charge. Alternatively a dedicated fast-charger gets the job done in just 20 minutes. When the time comes to get a new battery, thanks to Renault’s ‘Quick Drop’ system the job is relatively painless.

Top speed of the DeZir is just 112 mph. However the 0-60 mph time of just 5 seconds is considerably more impressive – and useful.

COPYRIGHT: RENAULT. IMAGES: P. Sautelet, Renault Design.


  • bonooobong

    Wow! I couldn’t picture myself that it was a Renault…gr8 concept, I like the generative details

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