Designers Meet Van Gogh
This year the world commemorates Vincent van Gogh, 125 years after his passing. In his honor, curators Yksi Ontwerp are casting the Designers Meet Van Gogh show at Het Noordbrabants Museum, in ’s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. Summoning works that resemble the artist’s vision, Studio Drift presented ‘Flylight’ and ‘Dandelight’ – two works inspired by one of Van Gogh’s favorite themes: nature.

Dandelight - Courtesy of Studio Drift

Dandelight – Courtesy of Studio Drift

‘Dandelight’ – made with real dandelion seeds and LED – consists of a simple flower transformed into a design object. While ‘Flylight’ (2007-2009) is a site specific installation inspired by flocks of birds and made using glass, custom made fittings, LED, software and electronics. Its configuration emphasizes the delicate balance between the group and the individual. Conceptually, these artworks reflect the lightness and fragility of nature, or question the rules of society.

Flylight - Courtesy of Studio Drift

Flylight – Courtesy of Studio Drift

The two designs were chosen as a reflection of the tumultuous life of the artist. The creators believe the contemporary pieces would have impressed Van Gogh himself and were, thus, featured in the collection.

The exhibition is open until April 26th, 2015. Visit it – if you have the chance!

By: Ana Cosma

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