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The workshop was organized by MAGLAB in collaboration with AIU. This new edition “Creative process, contemporary Art” done in November 2011 ; focused its interest on showing Students different creative processes in a multidisciplinary artistic context, based on the New “making of” culture.

Students were able to explore different ways of representing ideas through art concepts applied by an intensive search for spatial conditions in order to configure architectural spaces.

Courtesy of MAGLAB and AIU

Different spatial possibilities through a given site presented the students with an opportunity to generate several prototypes using realistic, raw & smart materials.

The aim of the workshop was to give an introductory understanding of key concepts such as topology, information (in morphogenesis), redundancy and pluripotency as a mean to undisclose performative potential through morphology, from biological and digital development to architectural design, within a general framework of an ecology of design ”ECO Form”.

Students achieved this through theoretical classes, personal research and practical work. At the end of 5 days the students presented the final work of the workshop to a jury. The progress made by the students over the 5 days period was quite outstanding, COLOURFUL and full of energy.



Arab International University – Faculty of Architecture, Design and fabrication Workshop – Damascus – Syria
City: Damascus – Syria

Workshop Organizer:

MAGLAB, Authorized Training Center of McNeel (Robert McNeel & Associates–United States) in Middle East,

Visitor LAB of architecture, College of architecture, fine arts and design/AIU “Arab International University”, Syria

Assistant LAB of Biodigital Master and PHD program, EsArq – UiC (Universitat Internacional de Catalunya), Spain.


Workshop director and instructor

MArch.Aref Maksoud

Guest lecturers and professors within the workshop

Dr Prof.MHD Yasser Al Ayoubi / University of Birmingham, and Oxford, UK

Sponsored  by:

MAGLAB Media partner RECity Magazine / Italy

Ibdaat Magazine / Damascus – Syria


Courtesy of MAGLAB and AIU


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