For some time the land hasn’t seen a color but red. Red blood spilling over its plains and hills, red crumbling between the folds of its buildings, red on the streets and on the meadows.

Arch2o-colorful-stairs-in-syria-07 (2)

 Courtesy of Jood Volunteer Team

Then comes a group of optimistic youth to change the palette, adding their youthful brushstrokes on the longest staircase in their town, Deir Ateih, in war-torn Syria. The creative team ‘Jood’ took to the streets to create a colorful urban setting adding a spirited atmosphere.

Arch2o-colorful-stairs-in-syria-07 (4)

 Courtesy of Jood Volunteer Team

The team wrote on their Facbook page that the project is a start to beautifying the city.

By Marwah Garib

 Courtesy of Jood Volunteer Team

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