0The Colorful Side of Istanbul through the Lenses of Yener Torun

When you think of Istanbul and its architecture, you can’t help but visualize Hagia Sofia and the Blue Mosque. However, Turkish photographer Yener Torun is here to give us a completely different vision of contemporary Istanbul. The 32-year-old former architect has been living in Istanbul since he was 14 years, and he decided to give us glimpses of what we don’t know about the historical city that dates back to more than 3000 years ago. Torun has employed his minimalist street photography skills to showcase the colorful geometry of the city’s extraordinary modern façades.

Courtesy of Yener Torun

“Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of buildings like these in Turkey. So I spend most of my spare time finding them—it’s like a treasure hunt,” said Torun to The Guardian. “Just think of the Istanbul photos you have seen before: grand mosques, old streets, seagulls over the Bosphorus. I show a completely different side. Even long-term residents can’t believe these pics were taken in the city they live in.”

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