Designer Hailey Chan; Danielle of Bravo models-Tokyo, Japan; photographer Yanzhou Bao and MUA Vivi Suzuki together created the art piece titled ‘Color of Beats’. This photo series is a blurring of the lines which demarcate photo-representation. Movement, sway, pose. Glance, turn, walk, lean. These verbs often elude the photograph. Here, with the assistance of overlay and varied shutter time and foremost, a keen eye, the photograph begins to develop into something akin to a poem or a painting. There is something implied. A feeling or thought that is indefinable, which the creator tries to translate. And it is the acknowledged failing of these translations which is of the keenest interest. They demand a further translation and interpretation on the part of the viewer. Almost an imagination of what comes after the frame.


Designer: Hailey Chan

MUA: Vivi Suzuki

Model: Danielle (Bravo models-Tokyo, Japan)

Photographer: Yanzhou Bao

©Yanzhou Bao

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