China Wood Sculpture Museum | MAD Architects
Inspired by the unique local winter landscapes, the wood sculpture museum designed by MAD is a contrast between the elegance of nature and the speed of daily life. Its 200 meter long body is shaped as fluid frozen in time, reflecting and exploring the relation between the building and the environment.

The museum linear organized interior is connected by a centralized entrance which both divides and simultaneously joins the space, achieving a symbiotic relationship. The twist in the form creates a canopy and public plaza for visitors entering the museum, encouraging an engagement with nature through outdoor recreation activities and providing a reprieve from the frigid climate.

Courtesy of MAD architects

The exhibition spaces are organized around 3 atriums with skylights that are designed to capture the northern suns low solar path. The delicate balance of light and shadow guides visitors through the exhibitions, while forming a poetic space combining art, people, and nature.

Project Info:
Location: Harbin, China
Typology: Museum
Site Area: 9,788 sqm
Building Area: 18,110 sqm
Building Height: 21 m
Director in Charge: Ma Yansong, Dang Qun
Project Leader: Daniel Gillen

Design Team: Bas van Wylick, Huang Wei, Liu Weiwei, Diego Perez, Yu Kui, Jordan Kanter, Tang Liu, Shin Park, Mao Beihong, Julian Sattler, Nickolas Urano, M. Alejandra Obregon, Alejandro Gonzalez, Gus Chan3
Associate Engineers: The Architectural Design and Research Institute of Haerbin Institute of Technology
Curtain Wall Cosultant: Inhabit Group
Panel optimization: Gehry Technologies
Steel Structure Contractor: Zhejiang Jing Gong Steel Structure Co. Ltd

Courtesy of MAD architects

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