© Fadi Al-Ajanji & Ayman Al-Anssary

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Syria is considered as a glowing center of civilizations that has a deep roots embedded in history with a huge inventory of culture and heritage. This became the force behind the design of this center, in order to preserve and celebrate locally and internationally what our grandfathers have kept, Support those who are interested in the field of heritage and local culture and enable them to exchange experiences through providing lectures-workshops-facilities, etc. in the appropriate space. Also, it acts as a storyteller of the life style and traditions for tourists and people that are unaware of heritage as well as reviving the traditional crafts.


© Fadi Al-Ajanji & Ayman Al-Anssary

The site is unique in its location, it is located in Sharqi bab sharqi district at the eastern part of Damascus, on a plot of /39.000/ m2, adjacent to the east of the old city (UNESCO World heritage site), facing its archaeological wall, and close to Bab Sharqi which is one of Damascus seven gates and that creates harmony between the project and its site, besides, a branch of the river of Barada passes through it, and it is currently a waste land.


© Fadi Al-Ajanji & Ayman Al-Anssary


© Fadi Al-Ajanji & Ayman Al-Anssary

The proposal programme includes:

Museum: exhibiting the Syrian heritage
Workshops: for the endangered traditional handicrafts
Bazaar: (market for traditional crafts), as well as selling the aforementioned workshops products
Library: specialized in Syrian culture and heritage
Theatre: presents theatrical and cinematic shows about Syria
Outdoor spaces and gardens: for leisure cultural activities ,workshops and exhibitionsAmphitheatre
Three folk cafes

Arch2O-centre_of_syrian_culture_and_heritage-004© Fadi Al-Ajanji & Ayman Al-Anssary


© Fadi Al-Ajanji & Ayman Al-Anssary


© Fadi Al-Ajanji & Ayman Al-Anssary


© Fadi Al-Ajanji & Ayman Al-Anssary


© Fadi Al-Ajanji & Ayman Al-Anssary


© Fadi Al-Ajanji & Ayman Al-Anssary

Project Credits

Project name:
Centre of Syrian culture and heritage

Team members:
Fadi Al-Ajanji & Ayman Al-Anssary

Bab Sharqi, Damascus, Syria

Arab International University, Damascus, Syria

Raif Muhanna & Amer Moussalli

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