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What’s the design today Mr. Ideas Engine?

 As one of the GQ's 50 best dressed British man Thomas Alexander Heatherwick is an English designer born in 17 February 1970 in London, England. Studied three three-dimensional design at Manchester Polytechnic ...
Courtesy of: Federico Fellini,  Boccaccio '70

The City as a Cinematic Stage

The City as a Cinematic Stage When watching a movie, we may not understand at first glance how important the background really is. We focus on the dialogues, the plot; and we merely are aware of the existence ...
Multicultural playground (Copenhagen-Denmark)
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What Does Multicultural Places Look Like?

The world is a fascinating place bound by unique cultures and languages. As large as it is, it is also small, with various groups gathering in cities all around the world creating vibrant multicultural places. ...
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What is Arbortecture?? First, ask yourself this: Are you stressed from the busy streets, high density subway stations, and those strong odor producing restaurants? Do you feel the need to stop and run straight...
Connected vehicles (adjust vehicle speed)
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What is the Future of Urban Mobility?

Hyper-mobility seems to be a distinguishing feature of urban areas. Mobility flows have become a key dynamic of urbanization with the associated infrastructure invariably constituting the backbone of urban form...
Sense of public place
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What Makes Public Places “Ours?”

The Sense of Place It is important to realize that a “sense of place” is of fundamental value to people everywhere – in every city, every town, every neighborhood and every culture, from all ages (Kent, Unknow...
Arch2O Virtual reality Environments

How Virtual Environments Could Help Architects ?

"Imagination creates reality." - Richard Wagner Imagine being able to work on interactive floating menus, as seen in the Iron-man franchise, or even going back in time, to find yourself completely surrounded b...