Architect Toby Horrocks has designed a collection of cardboard exhibition pods for Architecture Media at the Gallery of Australian Design in Canberra, Australia.The abstract installation is a representation of four magazines published by the Australian design publishing house ’Architecture Media’.

Arch2o-Cardboard exhibition pods  Toby Horrocks  (3)

Melbourne based Horrock’s has conceptualized the character of the magazines into varied abstract icons which were generated using parametric computer modelling. The form generation process began as a most basic architectural figure of an arch which was made in a computer model.

Arch2o-Cardboard exhibition pods  Toby Horrocks  (6)

Attributes like stretching, twisting, squashing and pulling were then overlaid on the model to create an abstract icon and then sliced into many layers to form a kit of parts. The designer also uses cardboard as the material for the installation as it is an ideal medium for temporary displays. Each layer was then manufactured using CAD/CAM technologies and the final design was produced to be flat packed for transport.

Arch2o-Cardboard exhibition pods  Toby Horrocks  (7)

The easy to assemble pods were then transported in 2010 to varied exhibitions for Architecture media, which include Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney and even Brisbane.

Arch2o-Cardboard exhibition pods  Toby Horrocks  (8)

The designer solely runs “Fold theory”, a practice in Melbourne Fhere sustainable design and architecture practice encompasses bespoke cardboard design, temporary installation design, recyclable furniture and interiors, flat-packed trade show stands as well as pure architecture.

By Parantap Bhatt

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