Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre Expansion

BCEC on Grey Street is a major expansion of the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Center, but also a completion of the concept of the original building which was discontinued in 1996 due to a then dispersal of Government funds to other public projects.

Courtesy of Cox architecture – Photography: Angus Martin Photography

The time delay has significantly befitted the overall facility in enabling its elements to meet the changing demands for conventions toward smaller, more boutique and more self-contained venues combining auditoria, meeting and exhibition spaces within discrete parcels.

Courtesy of Cox architecture – Photography: Angus Martin Photography

The design, albeit by the same architects, does not mimic the original but reflects the changing functional demands in a new form and expression. This expression also responds to a site some 200 meters long and only 30 meters wide, creating what we refer to as an ‘architectural sentence’ of ‘clauses’ and ‘punctuations’ in both elevation and corresponding roofscape.

Courtesy of Cox architecture – Photography: Florian Groehn Photography

In this way, a previously impoverished portion of Grey Street is enlivened, the building connecting the historical rail station it overlooks with the commercial and hotel heart of South Bank.

Courtesy of Cox architecture – Photography: Angus Martin Photography

Project Info
Architects: Cox Architecture
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Client: South Bank Corporation
COX Team: Michael Rayner AM, Brendan Gaffney, Hang Ling, Peter Hale, Eric Buhrs, Shane Horswill, Nigel Harris Arlyn Mangabat Matthew Cavanough Matthew Alder Kristian O’Brien Katie Holzberger Spyros Barberis, Philip Atkin, Amit Pawar, Stephen Gunn, Shane Marsh, Neng Sapphokha, Mohsen Rahmanian, Max Navius, Susan Desbrosses, Brett Miles, Lauren Hickling, Sophie Benn, Stephanie Bourgeois, Natasha McGuffo,g Madeleine Webb, Megan MacKenzie, Misha Lamb, Troy Rafton, Julian Farrell
Key Consultants: WSP (Lincolne Scott), Arup, RLB, RCP
Contractor / Builder: Lang O’Rourke
Cost$: 140,000,000
Gross Floor Area: 51,800m2
Year: 2012
Type: Cultural Center
Photographs: Angus Martin Photography, Christopher Frederick Jones, Florian Groehn Photography

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