‘Bodyscapes’ is the new photo series by the Russian photographer Anton Belovodchenko which illuminates the beauty of female human body and breaks that mold in the most refreshing ways.

Courtesy of  Anton Belovodchenko

Courtesy of Anton Belovodchenko

Traditionally, bodyscapes is a female nude genre that deals with the human body as if it was landscape. The portraits are black and white photography that strips away color, and simply allows the viewer to appreciate the female anatomy without distraction. The positions create uncommon imagery such as emphasized spinal columns, prominent ribs or flexed muscles. The featured women show surprisingly flexibility, contorting their bodies in various ways. , leaving only gray skin and dark shadows, accentuating every bone, muscle and wrinkle. It’s a sculpture in flesh.
More info: 500px | Instagram | Pinterest | Deviantart (h/t: 500px)


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