Bits of Wood Pepe Heykoop

We have grown to love simplicity, the elegance of straight lines, the lack of ornamentation, designs that are refined and efficient. If it can be easily bought, it is in our homes and as soon as a new product comes along we replace it. As a society we are more worried about productivity than sustainability, we are individual in our thoughts yet we all buy the same common merchandise. It is an endless cycle that produces more waste than we’d like to believe. Pepe Heykoop shows us that wood scraps from production processes can be just as beautiful as the expensive finished merchandise we pick up in stores.

Courtesy of Pepe Heykoop

The bits of wood are held together by recycled tin that has been melted, so no hardware or glue is used in the assembly. The way the wood is organized resembles crystals growing down from the tin and creates an interesting effect that we normally don’t associate with wood. The design is rustic and raw embracing a time when unique wooden hand crafted furniture was desirable despite the hours of hard labor it took to produce. It is wonderful to see excess materials being used in such an expressive way that it’s difficult to believe they were once in the trash.

Courtesy of Pepe Heykoop

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