BioWall by Studio Loop.pH

The British design Studio Loop.pH forwards the “BioWall” project that was acquired by the Museum of Modern Art in New York following the exhibition ‘Design & the Elastic Mind’ on the 24th of May back in 2008. The BioWall, an upgraded version of their older “Sonumbra de Vincy”, is a sophisticated hand woven three-dimensional structure with animated lace and soundscape that can be crafted into lace-like surfaces of any proportion and shape.


Courtesy of  Studio Loop.pH

This current construction is not designated for mass manufacture but aimed at the idea that individuals can craft their environment and begin to value, assimilate & benefit the geometries of life. “The notion of craft is fundamental to us, because with a crafted object comes an emotional durability and longevity” said the designers.

Design and the Elastic Mind

Courtesy of  Studio Loop.pH

Concerning the technical field of the project, fibreglass rods are curved into rings and well-attached together in order to constitute a vigorous and flexible tension-compression mechanism. The structure is self-similar which allows adaptation on any desired scale and can be observed in the natural environment in the formation of bubbles, living cells and water molecules.


Courtesy of  Studio Loop.pH

Additionally, the BioWall structure can become an indoor, living wall that segregates space & refreshes the air with plants by creeping and crawling around it.

By Depy Charalampidou

Courtesy of  Studio Loop.pH

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