Berlin Bubbles by Patrick Bedarf

Make way for the modular! A robust design tool, it could be said that modularity has been with us since humans began to build. The International Style made modulars chic, half century later we (the collective we) have made them sexy.

Beginning with Voronoi tessellation- elaborated on below- this project by Patrick Bedarf draws on disparate yet linked typologies to create a (construct) that is vivaciously heterogeneous while maintaining coherence as a (whole). Bringing together elements from differing social characteristics and programmatic layers from its contextual surroundings, the functionally aesthetic form takes on the likeness of foam clusters.

© Courtesy of Patrick Bedarf

Spatially, this multi-functional construct is ordered and broken up by an application of the above mentioned Voronoi tessellations.The concept of a Voronoi diagram/ tessellation is this: Given a set of points on a Euclidian plane, these points are surrounded by boundaries that are never more distant than they are close to other points in the set. It is essentially a set of points, the mapping of halfway points between every pair of points and the connecting of such halfway points to create a tessellation.
This concept is adapted to the three dimensional grid and utilized to create both orthogonal and highly irregular volumes to house a multitude of programs and activities.

  • Dl

    this is what most buildings will look like when it melts from nuclear radiation xD

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