rat[LAB] – Research in Architecture & Technology, a London based organization, recently launched a beta version of a mobile app that aims to revolutionize the way parametric design is practiced in the design industry. You’re The Designer, or simply called YTD, is an Android Application which offers the power of customizing designs to all designers and non-designers through a parametric design interface. Each design uploaded in the app contains multiple parameters which allow the users to control and customize visual aesthetics and technical performances of the design output.

The design is manipulated as per user selection by changing design parameters through a simple “Touch & Swipe” slider interface which controls the output within the given design constraints set by parent designer/developer within the spectrum of aesthetics and functionality. A real-time 3d rendered model is generated on the same screen, so as the user can realize the changes made instantly. The idea is to simplify the complex computational framework behind parametric design and embed it in a simple, easy-to-use app.


Parametric User Interface (left); Various Outputs from Parametric Interface (Right)

The application displays a wide range of designs and creates a platform for designers from various disciplines such as product design, fashion design, interior design and architectural design, among others, to create their designs optimized for this platform, which can be uploaded and made available to users who can customize the designs in their own ways as per their requirements and budget constraints. The next few iterations of YTD aim to incorporate 3D printing, digital fabrication and shipping options to the users for a linear design & fabrication platform.


Sinusoid Table – Interior Design (left); Multiple Options (Right)


Wearable Permutations– Fashion Design (left); Multiple Options (Right)

The app is currently available on Android Platform and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store using the link.

rat[LAB] invites designers from disciplines including, but not limited to, architecture, fashion design, textile design, industrial design and product design to join the ongoing project for further developing the platform into a multi-disciplinary assemblage of parametric designs.

Designers and developers with processing skills are encouraged to join at developer level, and fabricators and manufacturers with digital fabrication skills and facilities are encouraged to collaborate for next iterations of YTD. The larger aim of YTD is to give the power and understanding of parametric design to all designers and users, and help emerging designers to independently establish themselves within their design domains, and to provide accessibility of world-class designs to all users, in different parts of the world.


Project Credits (YTD_Beta Version)

Design & Development Team: Pradeep Devadass, Sushant Verma, Mahendra Naik, Sobitha Ravichandran, Karthik Narayan.

Support Team: Mariusz Polski, Ankur Podder, Josie Chau-Kim Truong.

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